Your Own Small Business vs Life Balance

Finding a balance between spending time working on your new small business and sharing quality time with your family can be difficult when you run a business from home. You will have the flexibility to set your own hours, but you do need to be able to separate your professional and personal time.  Jobs from Home have so many advantages – you just need to get the balance right!


Distractions, Distractions!
Distractions caused by your family, friends and pets during your working day can equate to ‘lost time’.  You will need to learn how to minimize the lost time in order for your Work at Home Business to be a Success!

Schedule your time ‘Working from Home’

Keep a diary and schedule regular start, break and finish times to ensure maximum productivity. Make your family aware of your schedule so they will not interrupt you while you are Working at Home, and will keep the distractions to a minimum. Consider working early in the morning or at night when your children are in bed as these times can be quiet and interruption-free.
Be wary of becoming ‘obsessed’ when you do start your new online business. When you start a new business from home it is all so new and exciting, that often you may feel like you simply do not want to stop working! One of the advantages of operating a business from home  is the flexibility that it offers you and your family, so make the most of it!

Setup a separate work area for your Home Office

Make sure you have a separate room or enclosed area where you can work from home without distractions. This separation will help you treat it as a place of focus and concentration. When you are in your ‘separate work environment’ you will be wearing your ‘work from home’ hat.   When you are outside of your home office environment you can change to wearing your ‘family time’ hat.

Get Motivated!
Running a successful online business from home, requires self-discipline, especially if you are a ‘work at home mum’. Without the social interaction and motivation that occurs in a corporate office, you may feel a lack of focus. One strategy to keep you motivated is to set yourself small hourly goals.
For example, your goal for 10am to 11am may be spent listing new products in your online stores, while 3.30pm to 4.30pm may be set aside for investigating new advertising opportunities or writing your weekly store newsletter. You will feel a sense of achievement as you meet each of these goals, which will provide you with further motivation.


There is not bigger motivation than watching your small business grow and expand!
There’s also the fact that you will be rewarded financially for all of the effort that you put into operating your business and online stores.


Many people ask – “how much can I actually make” when Starting my own Small Business from Home?


There is no set amount for how much you can earn, as every business and every store is different. When you are making an income online and operating your own online stores, your wages are not capped like they are when you are working for an employer.  It is therefore up to you to determine how much you want to make.
The amount of money that earn from your online business will also depend, on if you choose to work from home part time or full time. Many Work at Home Mum’s (WAHM’s) start out working part time, choosing hours that fit in with their young families. Then as their children grow older and start at day care or kindergarten, this provides the opportunity of spending more and more time working from home and growing the business.


You have the flexibility in not only choosing the hours that you work from home, but also in how quickly you choose to grow your business.


Like any business – the more effort you put in, the more profits you will get back!
The more determined and passionate you are about working for your yourself and being your own boss – the bigger and better your business will be!


There are so many advantages to starting your own online business from home and to creating your own successful online Brand with a Facebook Store and eCommerce Website from Social Stores Online – that “the sky really is the limit”!


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