Using Facebook as a Business Selling Platform

Using Facebook as a Business Platform

Choosing to sell on Facebook combines both the selling and marketing process, because Facebook stores have ‘built in’ share and like buttons. This gives you free ‘built in’ advertising every time a customer decides to share their purchases with their friends. It also makes it easy to convert fans into paying customers, by using your Facebook Store and Facebook business page to advertise and share your products. These features make it easier to promote your goods and to connect with a wide customer base.

All Social Stores Online Facebook Stores also include;  Send to Friends, Ask for an Opinion and Share This available on all products.

Social Stores Online eCommerce Stores are easy for you and for your customers to use, and using Facebook as a platform makes it easier for them to go shopping. Social Shopping on Facebook is definitely the way of the future, as Facebook is now where most people choose to spend most of their time online.


Ecommerce is a rapidly growing part of the economy, and it allows you to open a store and pursue your dreams without all of the initial upfront cost you would have if you opened a store in a brick and mortar location. You can reduce all of the risk, because you can continue to work at your current job while you are getting your online business up and running.


Social Stores Online Facebook stores make it easy to combine your marketing and selling platforms.


Another advantage of choosing to start an online business is that it allows you to cater to niche markets. This means you can take something you really love and create an entire business around it. A Facebook store and Free eCommerce website is a great tool for this, because friends tend to have similar interests. Also, people interested in the same type of products naturally like to share their finds with their friends. This allows you to widen your customer base without the need for you to do any online marketing.


This is just one of the many reasons why it’s so easy to start an online business and to start selling products on Facebook.


If you have always wanted to start an online business, but were not sure of how to get started, or how to find and source the best products to sell online, or if you should be selling on Facebook or selling on the World Wide Web or selling to Mobile Customers – there is no need to decide!


Social Stores Online ‘all in one’ eCommerce store packages take all of the hard work and decision making out of th equation!  All you need to do is purchase your complete eCommerce store package which includes a Facebook Store, eCommerce Website, Mobile Website, Access to over 1.5 Million Products and thousands of Wholesale and Drop Shipping Suppliers, Plus Lifetime Support, Training and FREE Marketing and Advertising – and you can start selling online I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y!