Selling on Facebook

Most of us have voted for our favorite holiday destination online, or entered a Facebook Competition Online.  In fact most online businesses are now using Facebook as the platform for promoting their contests and giveaways.


It’s a fact that people like sharing opinions and talking about themselves.


Adding interactive content like polls, contests and quizzes keep your prospective customers engaged and can increase clicks, social sharing and sales!.


Social Stores Online includes a FREE Facebook Contest App. with all of our ecommerce packages.  This allows you to automatically host a Facebook Contest on your Facebook Page.  This in turn will engage your Facebook Store customers!


Within the contest you can ask questions and get valuable feedback about your Facebook Store and your online business.  This information can be an invaluable tool when you are starting a business from home and have just started out selling online.


So, put a ring on it and engage your customers and new potential customers today.