Reasons to Start Selling Online

There are many great reasons to start selling online. Here are just a few;-

You don’t need any technical knowledge.
Once you purchase your Online Store from Social Stores Online, your Facebook Store and Free Website are delivered to you – already setup and ready to start using immediately!


It’s extremely cost effective
With an online store your selling process is very automated.  If you are using dropshipping suppliers you don’t even need to look after the packing or delivery of orders.


You can reach a much wider audience
Selling products online allows your business to reach a very wide audience. Your customers can span nationally as well as globally.


You can sell while you sleep
Your Online Store and Website never close!. Customers can browse and purchase from your store at anytime of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.


It’s easy and free to stay in touch with your customers!
All of your Facebook customers can be found in the one place – on Facebook!. It’s very easy for you to stay in contact with all of them via Facebook, with all of your messages, and posts being instantly delivered to your fans and customers (and to their friends, and their friends).


Free Advertising and Promotion of Products
When you start a Facebook Store – ‘Likes’ for your products and your store equal Free Advertising! There are also all of the built-in Free Promotional tools such as;-   Send to Friends, Ask for an Opinion and Share This. These are shared around between your customers, and to their friends, and their friends and so on. There’s also special ‘Like’ Pricing that you can make available to anyone that ‘Likes’ your store.

With so many ‘Likes’ and so many Free Advertising Tools… what’s not to like about selling products online from your own online store?