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Reasons to Start Selling Online


Australians love to shop online these days, with traditional retail stores facing the prospect that a shopfront may simply not be enough to keep your business in the game. PayPal, the world’s largest online payment provider, recently re-adjusted their forecasting and currently believe that the Australian online retail market will be worth a mighty $37.7 billion by 2013. This is a phenomenal billion dollars more than the previous estimate a year ago.

Consumer reach

You may have a storefront in a busy street in the heart of Sydney. Thousands of people may walk past your shop each day, but how many of those potential customers enter the store? An online store is able to tap into those customers, and even out to those in the next street, on the next block, in the next state and in another country. The number of potential customers that you can reach online, using the right marketing strategies, far exceeds the miniscule number that may visit your actual store – even with a highly successful marketing campaign.


Having an online store also enables you to have as many categories and products as you please. A larger product range means your products appeal to more people – the end result being a greater number of customers to your e-commerce website.

More ways to sell

If you’ve already got a bricks and mortar store that’s doing well, then you may ask why you would start an online store? More consumers are looking online, and more money is being spent on the web than ever before, and without an online presence you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to increase sales.


Even if you have a traditional store and a website, if this website doesn’t have e-commerce functionality, you are probably losing customers by the hour. A successful physical store can translate into an even more successful e-commerce venture. Loyal and repeat customers are your best friends – with positive talk of your traditional store comes more traffic to your website. If your website can meet the needs of these potential customers without them having to leave their home, you have just created another way to sell your product.


An online store has so many advantages; minimal sales effort, automatic payments to your bank, automatic stock control and no retail staff to train and pay.

Quick, easy and convenient for consumers

Consumers are lazy, and unfortunately getting lazier. With a large proportion of our everyday needs at our fingertips, enticing consumers to a traditional retail store can be tricky. The white-collar workforce also spends a large chunk of their daily life in front of a computer, and shopping online becomes almost second nature.


An e-commerce store is your perfect opportunity to capture these customers. E-commerce and online retail makes the buying experience quick, easy and convenient for a massive number of consumers. Allowing quick product comparison, cheaper prices and door-to-door delivery, e-commerce is becoming the consumer’s channel of choice for everything from necessities to various luxury items.


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