Reasons to Start an Internet Business and Start Selling Online

A study by Yahoo and Harris Interactive has revealed that 72% of people, have at one point in their lives thought seriously about Starting their Own Small Business.


If you have ever thought or dreamed about Starting your own Online Business – Social Stores Online eCommerce Stores are the answer!


As entrepreneurship thrives, so does e-commerce!.


Perhaps you have been inspired by a success story about online selling. You may love the internet, have a bricks-and-mortar store, or perhaps an eBay business that you’re considering taking online, or to the next level.


People are using the internet more and more to find what they want to purchase. Here’s a list of benefits that you will find when you decide to start your own internet business and turn to the world of e-commerce:


1.    Making Money Online

E-commerce sales total in the billions of dollars each and every year. Not Millions …. Billions! And this figure continues to increase month after month and year after year!

F-commerce (Selling on Facebook), and mobile sales are also continuing to grow at an even faster rate than eCommerce sales.


2.    The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Studies show that, those who are first to enter a market will more than likey control it, and be at the top of the earnings ladder. You won’t be the first to launch a Facebook Store or an e-Commerce business, but – the sooner the better! The sooner you start your own online business and start selling from your Facebook store and website, the easier it will be for you to get to the top and stay there!


3.    Social Stores Online eCommerce Stores are affordable!

Small Online businesses and work at home businesses, often fear that they won’t have the start up funds or resources required to get started with building their online business. Thanks to Social Stores Online eCommerce Systems and Facebook Store Packages, anyone can start selling online for less than $1000.00.  We make selling online and starting your own online business affordable.


4.    An Online E-commerce Business is Worldwide!

E-Commerce and Social Commerce (selling on Facebook) enables a customer from anywhere in the world to conduct business with YOU via – your online stores on both Facebook and the internet.  They can easily purchase from your website or from your Facebook Store without leaving the comfort of their home.


5.    Items can be Purchased from your Online Store 24-7

Social Stores Online Facebook Stores and eCommerce Websites allow your businesses to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Customers can even purchase from your Facebook Store or Website while ‘on the go’ using any Mobile Phone or Mobile Device.  All of our Facebook Stores and Websites are Mobile Ready!


6.    Selling Products Online is growing and growing

F-Commerce – Selling on Facebook is growing and growing … and will continue to grow
E-Commerce – Selling from a Website is growing and growing … and will continue to grow
M-Commerce – Customers buying using a Mobile Device is growing and growing … and will continue to grow


Our eCommerce Stores provide you with a complete eCommerce Solution.


If you have always dreamed of being your own boss, working from home and starting your own online business – we provide you with all of the tools and the training that you need to get started.