Product Sourcing – Using Wholesale or Drop Shipping Suppliers?

Having reliable and competent suppliers is a crucial element of launching a new Online Business and eCommerce store.


Finding reliable suppliers needs to be a key consideration in your selection process. This is especially true if you are planning to use drop shipping suppliers.


We strongly recommend that you have at least two suppliers when starting an ecommerce business, and that you are not 100% dependent on using only a single supplier.


Having only one main supplier for your online store, may leave your online business at risk in the event that anything does happen to your sole supplier.  By having two or even three wholesalers or drop shipping suppliers, you will always have a ‘back up’ and a supplier to fall back on.


When you are initially starting your own online business, your funds may be limited. For this reason you may choose to use drop shipping suppliers.  Using drop shipping suppliers allows you to stock your online store with a wide variety of products whilst not having the outlay for any stock.


You can certainly use a combination of both wholesale suppliers and dropshipping suppliers to stock your Facebook Store and eCommerce Website.


At Social Stores Online – we offer what we consider to be the ‘best stores online’ in that they are flexible, as are all of our suppliers that we provide with our Facebook Store and Website packages.

You are not locked into using just wholesale suppliers or only drop shippers, you have the flexibility to use any combination of suppliers that is right for your business.  You can also change the products that you choose to sell at anytime.


There are now over 1.5 Million products available for your sell from Online Stores.


This may also be a combination of your own products, using your own suppliers and/or the suppliers that we make available to you.  If you are an established business or eBay seller you may already have your own suppliers in which case you might not use our suppliers all all.


Having this flexibility with products and suppliers and also the choice of selling on Facebook or from your Website and also to Mobile customers –  allows your online store and your online business to grow and expand over time.