Online Businesses for Sale

Are you dreaming about a change of career?  We can Help you quit the 9 till 5 Grind!

Looking for Something that will allow you the flexibility of Working from Home?

A Business that is portable, that you can operate from any location?

Starting your own Online Business can be a daunting task and is something that would be beyond the reach of most people.  Most people do not know how to setup a Facebook Store or a Website, how to create professional graphics and store branding, how to setup hosting, let alone how to source their own drop shipping suppliers and wholesalers.


Then there’s the added dilemma of “who do you ask for help” when you have a technical problem with your website, Facebook Store or Online business? Support doesn’t come cheap, and even getting answers to the basic questions that most new business owners will face is a timely and expensive exercise.


Purchasing a ready-made Online Business and a ready-made Website for Sale makes it so easy to get started!  It takes all of the start up hassles and issues of support out of the equation.  Not only is “no technical knowledge or skill required”, but if you purchase a Social Stores Online Business for Sale, you will also then get full training and support with operating your Website and Facebook store ……for Life!  There’s no stress about finding reputable suppliers and sourcing quality products – as they are all included with our businesses for sale.


If you are on a budget and are looking to setup an Online Business for less than $1000, one that includes your own eCommerce Facebook Store and a FREE eCommerce website – visit our prices page to get started at;


Yes you read it correctly – the cost to get started, to have your own Facebook Store and a Free eCommerce website setup is less than $1000.00!  And that includes suppliers, products, support, training and even marketing and advertising!


If you are looking to Purchase a “Premium Website for Sale” or to have your own “Custom Designed Website” created, that includes full training and support for your business, and for your website, we recommend visiting the team at “Home Business Solutions” and browsing their Websites for sale at;


Starting your own Online Business and purchasing a ready-made online business for sale has never been this easy.


Start your own Online business, Facebook Store and Website today!