New Facebook Features for your Online Business

Using Facebook’s New Features for your Online Business
Facebook is an awesome platform for business owners to build and grow their online business.  If you have been using Facebook for a while, then you will know that one constant on Facebook is change! You can either see it as a blessing or a curse. Seeing it as a blessing and making the most of everything it has to offer is the better option for any online business.


Search For Your Ideal Customer
Nothing goes more hand in hand than ‘Facebook and your ideal customers’.  Facebook offers many ways to specifically target the ideal customers that you want to visit your online store. You can select your target customers by;- age, sex, job, location and what they are interested in, based on Facebook Pages that they like.  Most business owners can identify one or two Pages that their ideal customers like, however to really target people you need to find more Pages where your customers are spending time!


Introducing Facebook Graph Search – where you can specifically find other Pages where your ideal customers are hanging out. Using the search bar located at the top of your Facebook screen,  enter these exact words; “Pages liked by people who like xyz”. In the xyz section enter a Page that your ideal client already likes.


How can this help your online business and get customers to your online store?  In many different ways!  You can as one example run Facebook Adds that will display only on the Pages that are frequented and liked by your ideal customers.


If your target customers are all hanging out at “Kid Spot” you can display your Facebook adds on Kid Spot Facebook page.  Customers hanging out at “Stay at Home Mums”? – then you can choose to run your adds on the Stay at Home Mums Facebook page.  It’s that easy.  You might also choose to join and like the Facebook page that your customers are frequenting, strike up some conversations and generate leads to your own Store.


For further details about using Facebook Graphic Search, visit the information page on Facebook;-