Multiple Online Stores and eCommerce Businesses


Running multiple online businesses is commonly referred to as having “sister sites” and can definitely be beneficial to you as an online business owner.


Social Stores Online now has over 30 small online businesses that operate multiple sites and stores or ‘sister sites’.  These are all owned and managed by the same ‘small business’.


Purchasing multiple Online Stores and Websites will help to increase your presence in the eCommerce marketplace and also your exposure in Google and other search engines.


Here are some reasons that you should consider when purchasing your next eCommerce business and Online Business from home!


  • By owning multiple online businesses it will increase exposure to customers. They not only have a great site to shop at, but two or even three!
  • You can transfer your traffic directly from one site to another.
  • Your brand increases by owning two or three online businesses
  • Doubling the number of sites doesn’t mean double the work. Most times you can Advertise, Post on Facebook and spread the word about all of your sites at once.
  • Your online businesses become more memorable since you are increasing your brand and marketability.
  • You work hard to bring traffic to one site – so why stop there?  It’s very easy to direct customer straight to your next site.
  • Linking each online business increases your ‘links’ which in turn is great for your SEO. (Google ‘loves’ links)
  • Marketing exposure increases since you can talk about each site in your social media marketing, print ads, articles, etc.
  • Multiple sites = more exposure and presence = more customers = more sales!!!

Owning a Complete eCommerce Business Solution will allow you to Start Building your online businesses and ‘Sister Stores’ and paving your way to Ecommerce Success!


Social Stores Online Complete eCommerce Systems link together a Facebook Store and a Website. This allows you ‘all over’ exposure to sell on all online platforms.


Sell Products on Facebook from your Facebook Store


Sell Products Online on the WWW from your eCommerce Website


Plus Sell to Mobile Customers that are using any mobile phone or mobile device.

What are you waiting for?  eCommerce is booming and you are just one step away from ‘being your own boss’,  creating your own Online Store and Sharing in the Global Profits that eCommerce is providing for Online Retailers.


Get up and running and start earning an income online with your own internet business TODAY.