Marketing and Advertising your eCommerce Business

Many people who have traditional storefronts may be wondering what is eCommerce all about? How can it help me grow my current business? It is easier to add an online storefront to an existing business than it is to start one from scratch, because you have already decided what to sell online. It gives you an additional stream of income and allows you to reach out to a wider customer base.


Once you have determined that you want to start selling online, and open your own online store, you need to ensure that you have a marketing and advertising plan in place. Your marketing plan should include things like online advertising, and reaching out to your niche audience. It is important to explore all of the possible avenues of both offline advertising and online advertising. This will provide your online business with the best possible start and to help guarantee your success.


Social Stores Online provides you with an Online Store and FREE eCommerce Website, plus a Professional Facebook Business Page, , as well as a complete Marketing and Advertising system, which includes loads of FREE advertising.  The marketing and advertising package covers everything from how to get listed in all of the top search engines, through to using forums, highly ranked business classifieds, Facebook, Facebook Insights, blogs and much, much more.


Social Stores Online provides you with the tools to help you reach your customers wherever they are, and whenever they want to shop. A thorough marketing and advertising plan, a well-designed website and Facebook Store, and your choice of products to sell will help you successfully launch your new online venture.


Let us help you be successful when you start your online business.


We’ve helped thousands of eBay customers to move away from Ebay’s selling platform and to create an online business of their very own.


We’ve helped thousands of customers who are just starting out in online retail, to get started and setup with their first eCommerce Website and Facebook Store.


We’ve also helped traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers move into the world of online retail and eCommerce.