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Shoppers are continuing to desert ‘bricks and mortar’ retail stores in droves – and it’s all due to the internet. Fifty-three per cent of customers have actually stopped an in-store purchase as a result of using their smartphone, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


Internet Businesses and Online Stores are winning everyone’s business and this is leading to more and more customers and more and more sales each and every day!


Traditional retail stores need to recognise that customers now have the internet wired into their psyche. Customers expect retailers to communicate with them, to be open and to make their lives easier by offering online shopping.


Social Stores Online provides you with a Facebook Store and ecommerce Website


We now live in a new era of mobile and sensory technology. We have online transactions, and we have a society where the conversation is increasingly online. There is no better way to harness this technology than by offering products for sale on Facebook!


Social Shopping is the way of the future!


Social Stores Online offers an Internet Business for Sale, which is the “complete package”.


There’s something for everyone …..and deciding what you want to sell and selecting products from the huge range of over 1.5 million products available is the hardest thing you will have to do as part of the setup process.


Regardless of if you choose to sell:- Baby Goods, Sporting Goods, Tools and Automotive Products, Pet Products, Plus Size Clothing, Apparel, Art and Crafts, Organic Products, Wedding Favours or something totally obscure and niche market – we have suppliers for you!


Thousands of suppliers are included with our ecommerce packages, including wholesalers, drop shipping suppliers and more.


The time is “right” to purchase your own Internet Business for Sale and to start selling Online in time for XMAS spending in 2013.


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