What is Social Commerce and F-Commerce?

Selling on Facebook is referred to as “Social Commerce” or “Facebook Commerce”, which can be abbreviated to “F-Commerce”. F-Commerce works independently of a Website and operates totally within Facebook.

What if I don’t have a Facebook Business Page?

No problem at all, we set that up for you as part of the setup process.

What if I don’t know how to use Facebook?

Facebook is very (very) easy to use. If you don’t know how to use it, we provide you with step-by-step tutorials that guide you every step of the way. We show you how to use “Facebook for Business”

What will my Facebook Store Look Like?

You can view our DEMO Facebook store here. Your Facebook Store will be very similar to this, only it will include;- your custom designed logo and graphics, your own product categories, your own product sub-categories, your own products and prices, all of your own information and information pages.  You can also setup the home page of your store however you like, and include your own text, images, pictures, banners and even Youtube videos.  You have the choice of using a Product Slider feature or the Rotating Product Carousel (as pictures on our demo store)

What Suppliers are included?

There are thousands of different suppliers and over 1,500,000 products for you to sell – included with every package!. This includes both Wholesale and Drop Shipping suppliers from Australia and from the rest of the World. There are suppliers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and many other locations.

Plus access to our Suppliers Networks where new suppliers are being added all the time!

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping basically means that you do not need to carry or keep any of your own stock. You place orders with the Drop Shipping suppliers as you receive them. The Drop Shipping suppliers then deliver the orders directly to your customers. You don’t pay the suppliers until you have received full payment from your customer.

What are the benefits of using Drop Shipping suppliers?

There are two main benefits of using Drop Shipping suppliers. The first being that you do not have any outlay to purchase your stock. The second being that you are able to offer a huge selection of products made available by different suppliers without incurring any costs. You also do not need to worry about packaging and sending goods as the Drop Shipping suppliers handle the order fulfillment.

Are Drop Shipping suppliers available for all products?

We have a large selection of drop shipping suppliers available for most packages excluding;- New Age, Plus Size Clothing and Art and Craft.  Suppliers for these products are mostly all wholesale suppliers.  Organic products and Maternity Clothing have limited drop shipping suppliers available.

What is a Wholesale Supplier?

When you order from a Wholesale Supplier, you order all of the products that you wish to sell on your website ‘up front’. You keep your own stock and are then responsible for packaging and sending the goods directly to your customers.

What are the benefits of using Wholesale Suppliers?

You have full control of your selling process from start to finish. You handle your own orders as well as packaging and sending to your customers. Keeping your own stock allows you to personalize your services, for example you could offer gift wrapping. You also have the option of selling your products directly through Party Plan Sales, Retail Stores, Markets and at other venues. You also have the option to purchase stock ‘in bulk’ which can reduce the costs per item.

Can I use a Combination of Wholesale and Drop Shipping Suppliers?

YES of course. You can use any combination of suppliers.

Can I use my own Suppliers?

You can certainly use your own suppliers and sell your own products. You are not locked-in to using the suppliers that we provide to you.

Are Social Stores Online Secure?

YES. Payments are processed via Paypal. This allows you to accept payments by credit card. Paypal offers the best security and encryption available anywhere in the world.

You can also accept payment by direct bank deposit, cheque or money order.

Can your Designers create a Banner and graphics for my store?

Yes! Design of your Facebook Store Banner, Website Banner, and your Facebook Cover  are included in the purchase price. You will work together with our talented design team to create a logo and a brand, that you will be proud to call your own.

Don’t have any ideas? … No problem, our design team can guide you through the process and make suggestions along the way.  Or you may choose to select from our ‘ready made’ graphics  (at no additional cost).

How does the design process work?

You select an image for our design team to work with. They use the image that you select and the name you select for your store, to create your Custom Store Banners.  Included in the purchase price, is purchase of 1 x image.

Can I make changes to my Store Banner?

Yes of course.  You can easily create, modify or replace your store banner yourself.  You also get two revisions (two lots of changes) included as part of the design process.

Can Social Stores Online Websites be viewed on Mobile Devices?

YES. Facebook Stores and Websites can be viewed on any mobile phone or tablet.

How easy is it to add Photos?

It couldn’t be any easier! All store photos and images are automatically resized, scaled and cropped to fit perfectly in your Facebook store.

Where do I get Product Photos?

Product images and descriptions will be provided by the suppliers that you choose to use.

Can I use a Facebook Store in conjunction with my existing Website?

YES. If you have an existing website, you can certainly operate a Facebook Store as well.
The two systems would need to be maintained separately.

Can I setup Categories and Sub-Categories?

YES! You can setup an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories for your products, making it easier for customer to browse your store.

What shipping methods are available?

There are many different and flexible shipping options available to you. These include;-

- Free Shipping
- Each item has its own shipping price
- Store Pickup
- Based on customer country, city, weight
- Based on No. of Items
- Based on destination, weight and dimensions
- All items set at the same shipping price
- All Orders have a set shipping price.

Is Shipping Calculated Automatically?

YES, Shipping is calculated automatically by your Facebook Store.

What Countries can I operate my Online Stores from?

Social Stores Online Facebook Stores can be operated from anywhere in world. Support for country specific currencies and tax (such as VAT, GST etc) are included with all stores.

What currencies are supported?

Every currency that is supported and offered by Paypal is supported by our Facebook Stores.

How many Products can I Sell?

You can sell an unlimited number of products from your Facebook Store. There is no limitation.

Can I setup Product Options?

Yes of course! You can setup unlimited product options for things like; Colour, Size, Model and more. This feature allows a selectable drop down box to be displayed on product pages.

Is there a Discount Coupon Feature Included?

Yes! You can create Discount Coupons to give to customers and friends.  Discount Coupons can be used at checkout on both your Facebook Store and Website!

Are Social Stores Online eCommerce Stores easy to use?

YES! Using our Facebook Stores & Websites is effortless! You don’t require any special skills or experience.

If you do have a question or get stuck with anything – you can always contact the support centre at anytime for assistance.

How do I promote my Online Business and Stores?

We show you how to market and promote your Facebook Store & Website using our step-by-step Marketing Programs.There are many different methods of FREE advertising included in your Marketing Package. We also show you how to get listed in Google and other Search Engines.

Do you provide a Copy of my Logo?

Yes. You are provided with a copy of your custom designed store logo and graphics, that you can use for brochures and for marketing and promoting your business.

What support is provided?

Lifetime support is provided, any problems at all, simply contact the support centre for assistance.

What are the on-going Fees and Charges?

You have the one off purchase price of your store – $995.00 fully inclusive. This includes logo design, setup of your Facebook Store and Facebook cover page graphics, access to all suppliers and all products, plus your complete training and marketing package and of course instructions and lifetime support.

After this the only on-going fees and charges are your monthly hosting fees (to keep your store active).

Monthly hosting costs are just $15.95 per month if you pay up-front for 12 months.

Do I have to pay a percentage of sales or commissions to Social Stores Online?

No absolutely not! We don’t take a percentage of your sales or any commissions – ever.
All Profits are your own!

What if for any reason, I am no longer able to operate my Store?

You can simply cease payment of your monthly hosting fees.
There are no other termination or cancellation fees.

Is the Rotating Product Carousel & Product Slider included?

YES! This feature is included on all Social Stores Online Facebook Stores, as is the Product Slider Feature. You can use either feature on your Store Home Page to showcase your products.

How long does it take for my Facebook Store and Website to be Setup after I have Paid?

Setup of your Facebook Store takes 24-48 hours. Having your logo designed and selecting a name for your store really depends on you, and how long it takes you to decide! Our professional design team will guide you every step of the way and will certainly assist you with your choices if required.

Can I change my Logo?

YES of course. You can change your logo at anytime – as you have full control over your Facebook Store, your products, your prices and also your features. You can upload a new logo to your store, at anytime.

Can I change the Layout of my Facebook Store & Website?

YES. There is a simple ‘drag and drop’ feature that allows you to relocate features and products to different locations on your Facebook Store.

You can easily re-locate and change the position of the following;-

- Featured Products
- On Sale Products
- New Products
- Products

Can I Customise my Facebook Store and Website?

YES. You can add your own;- Categories, Sub-Categories, Products, Product Images, Prices, Home Page Text, Banners, Images and even Videos. You can also choose between Product Carousel and Product Slider features. You have full control over your Facebook Store and Website Home Pages.  You can add your own unlimited information pages such as ‘About Us, Terms & Conditions, Articles – whatever you like. You can even include your own custom HTML if you are experienced in this area.You can also choose the way your products are displayed and change your own store logo whenever you like.

Can I put Products on Sale?

YES. This is very easy to do. You simply enter the Sale Price and the product is listed with both the sale price and the original price (crossed out).

You also have the option of offering your fans special “Like” pricing.

Is a FREE eCommerce Website included?

YES! A FREE eCommerce website is included with the purchase of all eCommerce Packages.

Is Maintaining the FREE eCommerce Website difficult?

NO!  You don’t need to maintain or manage your FREE eCommerce Website at all.  There is no extra work involved in having the website. Your eCommerce website works in conjunction with your Facebook Store. You update and make changes to your Facebook Store and your website is updated automatically!

Can I manage my Facebook Store and Website separately?

No.  Our eCommerce systems are combined to make it easier for you. It’s not possible to maintain two separate systems.

What software do I need to access my Facebook Store and Website?

No special software is required.  You can access your Facebook Store and Website from any computer that has access to the internet. The Facebook Store and Website share the same back-end. This makes managing your stores E-A-S-Y from any location, using any computer.

Are there any extra fees for running the eCommerce Website?

No, none at all. You don’t even need to pay for additional hosting.  As long as your Facebook Store is active, your website will be too.

Can I use my own Hosting?

No.  You must use our recommended hosting provider as this includes support for both your Facebook Store and your Website.  Hosting must be on the CDN Network.

How do I setup a Paypal Account?

You can setup a Paypal account by visiting www.paypal.com.au (Australia) or www.paypal.com (International)

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