Facebook Stores, F-Commerce and Selling on Facebook

Start Selling on Facebook from your own Facebook Store, Free Website Included!

Selling goods and services on Facebook and Social Media is “the next big thing” and the next logical step for all businesses to take, no matter what their size.

A new study estimates that the Facebook economy would be worth  $74.7 billion at the moment, with that figure set to sky rocket very very quickly.


Most businesses should by now already have a presence on Facebook, but moving from a presence and brand awareness through to selling your company’s goods or services on Facebook is the next logical step that everyone is ‘racing’ to take. The National Retail Foundation recently found that over half of Facebook users have clicked through to a retailers F-commerce Store, with more than a quarter having made an actual purchase from a Facebook Store.


Facebook Commerce is without a doubt definitely a retail space that all businesses will need to be a part of, as their customers will simply expect this in a world were integrated retailing is very quickly becoming the norm.


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Industry experts predict that the businesses that do start selling on Facebook today,  will be the ones that ‘lead the way’ and stay on top of the market in the future.


Let us show you how to start a successful online business from home and provide you with he opportunity of;- Selling from a Website, Selling on Facebook, Selling from your Facebook Store and Selling to Mobile Customers!  The complete eCommerce Solution for your business and for anyone wanting to start their own Home Based Business and Online Store.