Dropship Australia

Start your own Dropship Business from Home in Australia

What is meant by the term Dropship?


Dropship or Drop Ship - is the name given to the delivery service that is provided to your customer by a Drop Shipping Supplier.  eg; The supplier will “dropship” the order directly to your customer.


Dropshipping or Drop Shipping – is the term used to describe the ‘process or technique’.  eg; The retailer does not keep any goods in stock, but instead transfers the order directly to a Dropshipper, who then sends the order directly to your customer.  This process or technique is called ’dropshipping’


Dropshipper or Drop Shipper – is the term used to describe the supplier.  eg; The Dropshipper will deliver goods directly to your customers.


Dropship Australia or Australian Dropshippers – you guessed it, dropshipping suppliers that are located in Australia. (Our ecommerce package includes thousands of them by the way!)


Why are Dropship and Drop Ship used and which term is correct?


According to Wikopedia, dropshipping and dropship can be either a single word or two separate words, some people may even separate the two words with a hyphen.


Now that you understand the term ‘dropship’ – perhaps you are ready to ‘dive in’ and start your own dropshipping business, using a dropship supplier?


Just $995 to get started and no outlay or up front costs for any stock.


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We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you get started with your own online business today.