Businesses for Sale – Working from Home

Purchase a Social Stores Online Ready Made Business and Start Working from Home Today

Did you know that if  you purchase an established business for sale (one that has been trading), you must have a contract drafted by a lawyer or solicitor?


What type of information is covered in the contract?


You need to determine if you want to make an offer for the business’s assets, or just the business itself.


Seller’s involvement after purchase

- this might include providing you with training so that you can continue operations.


Restraint of Trade Covenant

- This protects you from loss of business through the seller’s opening of a competing business within a reasonable proximity.


If you’re thinking that is all very complicated and sounding very expensive, you’re right, it is!


When you purchase a business for sale from Social Stores Online, there is none of the above, just a simple straight forward purchase and one off payment for you to get started with your “new” online business and online stores.


You can start selling online immediately!


We provide you with all of the training and lifetime support for using your Website and Facebook Store.  We also provide you with step by step training in marketing and advertising and show you how to get customers to your online stores.


We show you how to use Social Media and Facebook for business, how to get fans and followers and people ‘liking’ your Facebook store.


Social Stores Online offer Genuine Businesses for sale in Australia plus full training and support – not to mention providing you with access to our networks of wholesale and drop shipping suppliers, and over 1.5 million products for you to sell.


Start your own internet business for under $1000.00 and create your own online income.  Once you have worked for yourself and have been your own boss, working from home – you will never want to return to the 9.00 to 5.00 grind ever again.


Create a ‘work life balance’ for you and your family, and take advantage of the flexibility that working from home and operating your own home business can offer you.